Quality, Sustainability and Food Harmlessness Policy

Carnavi S.L., as “the Company”, set in Avenida Juan Carlos I, s/n, Ávila, and dedicated to:

– Butchering and selling of pig-derivative products, both fresh and frozen.
– Manufacturing of cold meats, sausages and other pork by-products: fresh, cured or cooked.
– Design and manufacturing of pre-cooked dishes from pork and beef (tripes, ear, snout, canned loin and chorizo), either vacuum packed or in glass or plastic cans.
– Selling of pre-cooked pork meals and cured hams and shoulders.

Has decided to implement a Quality Management System based on the following norms:
o UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2015, whose aim is to improve the customer service.
o UNE-EN-ISO 22000:2018, whose aim is to ensure the food harmlessness on all our products, in order to protect the customers’ safety.
o AENOR Model of sustainability management, based on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s).
In the first place, from Carnavi SL management, the Quality System is approached as a way to organize the Company operations, starting from the basic ideas of a good product quality, the customer’s satisfaction and the continuous improvement of the System’s efficiency itself.

  • In this regards, the Quality Management System is based on the following statements:
  • Quality and its improvement is a task incumbent to all Carnavi SL coworkers, starting from the top of the Company.
    Quality is obtained by planning, executing, reviewing and improving the Management System, having always in mind the Company context and environment, both internal and external.
  • Quality is focused on all customer (and concerning entities) satisfaction, and this is achieved by the full Company’s commitment to accomplish all necessities and requirements, besides the legal requirements and regulations of the products themselves.
  • Quality is based on both Continous Improvement of productive processes and services, and the efficiency of the Quality System, where preventing mistakes is a main feature.
  • Quality leads us to be aware of the latest technical evolution and the potential improvements and new technologies that could be available.
  • Quality requires the help and collaboration of everyone, so this System is broadcasted to all Carnavi SL coworkers, in order to be acknowledged and understood.

In addition, the Management of the Company focuses in the Sustainability System as a way to carry the Company activity, in order to be socially responsible. It compiles all responsibilities that the Company should take care of to cover social problems, environmental problems, ethic or good govern ones, work labour issues, nutritional aspects and also those problems related to Human Rights and the Customer Rights.

In order to achieve all that is stated, Carnavi S.L. performs a Materiallity Analysis, that takes into account all concerning entities opinions, and offers a real picture of the problems that can be improved. It also proposes and helps to set up a series of actions to ensure the Socially Responsible Management on all aspects below:

1. Human Rights: The Company acknowledges and respects the Civil, Political, Economic, Social and Cultural Rights that are inherent to each human being, due its condition itself and commits not to infringe them in any case.
2. Work practices. Carnavi SL acknowledges that their coworkers will never be treated as a production factor, and that a fair and favorable work states are a Right for the coworkers.
3. Environment: The Company recognises the sustainability issues existing in our current society, as the climate change, the biodiversity loss, the resource overexploitation, the energy inefficiency, animal exploitation, etc… It is because of this that we carry on activities to ease the negative effects that the Company’s activity can have over the environment.
4. Operational fair practices: Corruption, unfair competitive practices or rights violations are not acceptable for a social responsible Company, so Carnavi SL implements preventive actions to avoid these kind of acts within its operations.
5. Customer issues: The Company activity performs its activity always from the respect to the customer; by offering fair and responsible marketing, safety and security protection, sustainability, efficient problems resolution and privacy protection.
6. Active participation and community development: The Company implements actions to create a good relationship with the community and promote active participation, because it is an essential action to achieve a socially responsible activity.

From the Management, the Company is committed to carry on a sustainable development with the highest efficiency, the continous improvement and the sustainable company performance, as well as the achievement of the applicable legal requirements and further subscribed requirements, always related with the Company hopes related to sustainable development.

Finally, the Management is committed to the food harmlessness by complying with the following:

• Comply with the current legal requirements, rules and voluntary agreements with customers, applicable to all activities, products and services.

• Develop a Management System for food harmlessness with already defined objectives and goals, encouraging also the harmlessness of all products and all time.

• Review periodically the Food Harmlessness Management System in order to control its validity, efficiency and suitability according to the objectives set by the Company.

• Achieve a great level of quality and food safety on our products by make all related coworkers aware of it. It is because of this that the training, information and good communication, both internal within the Company and external, are indispensable

• Develop a strategy to protect the food production chain proccess from eventual attacks related to FOOD DEFENSE. These consists on intentionally introducing, from the inside or outside of the Company, chemical, physical or biological agents with the goal of harming the final costumer health.

• Fight against alimentary frauds, working always under the current Legal Requirements and report any spotted alterations on product labelling related to quantity, identity, quality, purity and storage of the products.

• Improve and overcome the expectations of our customers and achieve from them the recognition of our work and effort.

• Attach to the newest technological improvements that can imply any progress in our daily work, in order to encourage promoting actions to prevent situations that can affect the products harmlessness.

• Adapt ourselves to the specific needs of our customers, by progressively increasing the amount of allergen-free products.

In order to effectively apply these principles, it is absolutely mandatory to have the Management Team and the whole staff support.

Ávila, March 21st 2022


Raúl Hernández Mediano, Manager of CARNAVI, S.L.