Carnavi is a guarantee of quality, because we know that in a sector like ours, the best service is one that fuses tradition with innovation.
the best service is the one that fuses tradition with innovation.
Our customers enjoy the best products and we offer them our experience and professionalism, adapting our
our experience and professionalism at their disposal, adapting ourselves to their needs and
and needs, and providing them with commercial advice and a personalised and
personalised and agile attention.

We operate with clients from butcher’s shops, distributors and the HORECA channel.
From the convenience of buying in our online shop we seek the confidence of individual
of individual consumers, and in addition, we can receive them in our physical shop
physical store to receive a closer treatment if they require it. We want to improve every day,
and get more presence in the Spanish market; and nowadays, we are in an exciting
We are currently working on an exciting project of international expansion.